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Themes and lines of research  

VESPA "Carlo Cantoni" Department 49 Professors of Role and Researchers belonging to 10 Scientific Disciplinary Sectors homogeneous both scientifically and in relation to the didactic activities to be carried out belong to the VESPA "Carlo Cantoni" Department.

The main fields of scientific interest of the department concern:
  • veterinary anatomy and morphology
  • monitoring, diagnosis and treatment of animal diseases
  • animal production and breeding technologies
  • animal nutrition and feed technique
  • the development of drugs of veterinary interest and the study of their dynamic, kinetic behavior in the animal species
  • farm safety, energy and environmental management
  • the inspection of food of animal origin, the study and control of the quality and safety of food of animal origin
  • agricultural economics and food marketing

The research activity is currently organized in 7 Themes:

  • Translational and Regenerative Medicine
  • REPROgress - Understanding health, ageing and disease in reproduction: determinants, risk factors and pathways
  • New technologies in feeding: Reduce, Reuse, Revalorize
  • Food origin and nutrition security
  • Clinical and farmaceutical advanced methods for veterinary medicine
  • Future farming: innovatice solutions for sustainable agriculture and environment
  • Multidisciplinary and holistic approach applied to equine research
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