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First Italian Congress on Hunted Wild Game Meat Supply Chain

The 1st National Congress on Wild Game Meats Supply Chains will be held in Lodi, on 7 and 8 November at the new UNIMI Campus of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

The congress is organized thanks to the collaboration between the Italian Society of Ecopathology of the Fauna (SIEF), the Italian Association of Veterinary Hygienists (AIVI), the Italian Society of Agricultural Economics (SIDEA), the Italian Society of Agri-Food Economics (SIEA) and the Departments of Veterinary Sciences for Health, Animal Production and Food Security "Carlo Cantoni" (VESPA) and of Veterinary Medicine (DIMEVET) and of the University of Milan and the support of the Association for the development of culture, University Studies and research in Verbano Cusio Ossola (ARS.UNI.VCO) and of the Onlus Foundation Man-Nature-Environment (UNA Foundation).

21 May 2019
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