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EUROVA prajoct has been rewarded by Marie Curie Training Networks

Marie Sklodowska Curie Innovative Training Networks: The main European funding program for research training rewards four state projects including the EUROVA project of the Department of Department of Health, Animal Science and Food Safety.

The EUROVA project, European Oocyte Biology Research Innovation Training Net, aims to create a consolidated European research network on oocyte biology, the largest mammalian body cell, central to life. The knowledge and understanding of the mechanisms put in place during the growth and development of the oocyte, its maturation, fertilization and the transition from oocyte to embryo will lead to advances in infertility treatments, in animal breeding, in the conservation of species threatened by extinction, regenerative medicine and reproductive toxicology.

Funded by a Marie Sklodowska Curie action ITN European Training Networks (ETN) and coordinated by University College Dublin, the EUROVA project brings together nine universities, three research centers and five companies, distributed in nine European and two non-European countries and involves, as beneficiary, the Reproductive and Developmental Biology Laboratory (ReDBioLab - http://www.redbiolab.unimi.it/RedBioLab/Home.html) of the Department of Health, Animal Science and Food Safety and the team of Alberto Maria Luciano, Valentina Lodde and Federica Franciosi.

In the project, 15 PhDs will be recruited and trained, two of which will belong to the Doctorate Courses of the University of Milan.


18 June 2019
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